Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Say That Again...

So I'm subbing in a grade 1 classroom.  They are completely adorable and the day hasn't completely gone to pieces yet (sidenote: it never actually went to pieces... plus I was only there for the morning).

One of my favourite things about young kids is the way they speak.  They say things wrong and it's funny... especially when they are trying to be so serious.

The kids are in centers.  Some are playing with Lego, some Kinex, some are playing Bingo, others are playing with Play-Dough.  But the group I'm going to be talking about... they were playing Trouble.

Clearly the group was having troubles (troubles playing Trouble... come on...).  One of the kids in the group (let's call him Matthew) had the game at home and therefore knew the rules.  He seemed to think no one else in his group knew the rules and was very frustrated by this.

Matthew comes up to me telling me "There are no constructions on the back of the box or in the box but I have the game at home and I know what the constructions say" blah blah blah he details out what the "constructions" say.

I don't know.  I thought it was cute.  I thought it was adorable.  He was so mad but didn't know the word was instructions instead of constructions... I didn't even have the heart to correct him.

Sidenote:  When a child is saying something wrong I usually do correct them.  It may be cute that your 5 year old is saying something wrong but if they don't learn the proper way to say a word they might be saying the word wrong for far longer than it would be considered cute for.

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