Sunday, June 16, 2013

This Week At School

This week at school I...

subbed in 2 new to me schools.
still have not had a day off!
had one terrible day.
subbed everything from kindergarten - grade 8.

Enjoy some pictures from my week at school!

These are caterpillars that I found in my kindergarten classroom.  Yuck.
Not the classroom pets I would want.
I guess once the caterpillars start to form a chrysalis they transfer them into these containers.  They will then release them when they turn into butterflies.  I'm assuming when I'm back in this classroom this week (and next) there will be butterflies.  Not looking forward to having to answer all the questions about if the butterflies are bleeding.  That's right, I Christine, do not even like butterflies as classroom pets. 
Caterpillars and butterflies are quite the theme right now.  This was some work from a multiage class I taught in.  They were making flip books on the different stages animals go through.

I've been getting a lot of dandelions lately.  Then one kid brought me in some rocks "I picked the prettiest ones for you Miss Penner"  Thanks.
We also made some square bears in kindergarten!  I told them not to colour them... so one child took that to mean to colour the bears eyes... looks like he has a black eye.  Another child decided to make hers a princess (not sure what the yellow spot on the forehead is though).

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