Sunday, June 09, 2013

This Week At School

This week at school I worked every day!... I'm really on a roll
This week at school I unknowingly accepted a sub day in phys-ed (it wasn't terrible).
This week at school I did both elementary and middle school.
This week at school I did French Immersion!

And... here are some photos from my week at school
I've been rocking the fishtale braid whenever I feel like my hair isn't nice enough to wear down (so I've been doing it a lot).  Anywho, I've gotten so many compliments on my hair lately... I'm having second thoughts about chopping it all off.
I've been subbing in art!  About a week ago the students were working on forming their clay tiles.

This week when I returned they were in the process of glazing them!
Also, from art class.  The kids were using water colour pencils to create Victorian style homes.

I went in for a friend this week and this is how she keeps her students in line!  I must admit (for most of them) it worked wonderfully... AND the students were the ones reminding me of it!
I had a couple of preps one day and put up a bulletin board for a teacher.  It's supposed to look like a quilt.

We watched a couple of social studies videos in french immersion... I had to write their exit slip out in French!
I had some class pets this week!  Nothing exciting happened with these little frogs... at least nothing compared to this or this.

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