Thursday, August 07, 2014

A Day in the Life (Part 5)

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So you've survived your day as a substitute teacher 

and are heading home... what will you do?

Well if you are me, as soon as you get home you will jump online to check if any jobs have been posted. You will make sure your phone is always near you in case Subfinder calls. Forget going to the movies, or the library... you need to be able to answer your phone... a job could disappear within seconds if you don't see it first.

And your day as a substitute teacher will start all over again tomorrow.

Only tomorrow you will be in a new school and classroom (sometimes even a new division/district). The students will change, the rules will change, and what you will be teaching... it will all change.

Substitute teaching is often times like starting a new job every single day.

So let's all have a little more respect for our substitute teachers! Tell them when you think they are doing well, tell them where the staffroom is, tell them where the staff washrooms are, pick them a flower, and compliment their choice of footwear (necklace, hairstyle, nail polish).  

Next week:  The question remains.. why do I substitute teach? 

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