Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Letters Everywhere!

As teachers I'm sure many of us have those letters that you punch out (okay, you only have to punch them out yourself if you get the cheapo Dollarama ones apparently... and obviously those are the ones I get) and use on your bulletin boards... I have exactly a billion (it seems).  

Last Wednesday whilst watching a movie I had my wonderful lifegroup help me punch out all those letters that I brought home and organized according to the letter (and for some I organized by colour AND letter).  


Because I actually want to use them this year! 
Because in order to actually use them they have to be organized so that it is easier to use them at school.
Because I bought them and they aren't doing much good just sitting there.

My original plan was to just organize them in baggies and maybe put those baggies on a binder ring thing.  Easy Peasy (and more important cheap because I already have baggies at home!).

Then I thought that wouldn't last so I began the hunt for one of those zippered cd cases that store all your cd's.  I'm pretty sure I've seen this organization for letters technique somewhere before... I won't take credit for it.  
Anyways, I was told Dollarama might have one so that is where I went to search.

I feel that my local Dollarama is organized really oddly.. so I came across a different solution before I found the case.

mini accordian file.  It would be able to fit plenty of each letter, however, I would have needed about 3 of them.

I eventually found the cd case... It held 48 cd's which would be perfect but the Mennonite in me thought the price of $3 was a little steep (really Christine??)

So I cheaped out in the most major way and went with a tiny photo album... enough room for 48 photos!... or a billion letters

I must admit... the first few pages worked wonderfully and then as it became more and more stuffed it got difficult and the pages started to rip AND the M's didn't really fit... I think I'm definitely regretting not spending the extra $2 on the cd case but this will do for now at least... I'll try to make it last for the year and then I'll splurge on the cd case (I'm sure by that time it will cost $5 and I'll really be kicking myself for not getting it sooner).

Do you have a lot of letters that need organizing?
How do you organize them?

If you try the cd case route please let me know how it goes and if it is worth it (and if the M's and W's fit)

Now let's all have a Martha Stewart moment

cd cases for letters.. "it's a good thing"... I'm sure.

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