Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Week at School

That's right... schools in my division officially reopened their doors for staff this last week!

I made my way there on Monday and this what my classroom looked like 
(everything you see in this picture is not mine - other than the green grocery bags on the table and the jacket on the chair... I'm doing a maternity leave until Spring Break)

and this is what it looked like after I left on Monday

I managed to look through more of this teachers things (and discovered she had a class set of calculators... dangit... those are on my student supply lists!)
I put up the French calendar (some of my students will take German but I feel like it won't be THAT hard to follow the French calendar... I just don't feel its necessary to have 2 calendars)
I caught up with other coworkers

Oh, and I did a BUNCH of laminating that my fabulous life group helped cut out!

The next 3 days I spent in another city (I don't live in the city where I work and this particular city was not where I lived nor worked) for a first year teachers inservice

The first day of the inservice I left my place to discover it was REALLY foggy...  couldn't read signs as I drove past them but I was confident that I wouldn't need them... then I drove right by the board office.  Whoops!

Friday I went back to school.  It was a gloomy day so perfect for spending it at school!

I made this over the summer and laminated it at school before putting it up.  I may have made it too big... I tried staggering the letters but it just looked like a mess... so I went with a straight line... the E is nearly at the ground but oh well.

I'm especially proud of this bulletin board.  Remember when I showed you those MOLA letters?  The plan is to use this as my "Museum of Language Arts"... students can put work in the frames that they think they did really well on... but it has to be museum worthy.  I glued flat thumb tacks to the backs of the frames and for the most part they are working.  One frame was starting to fall off by the time I left school... hopefully I don't come back to them all on the ground.

I left school for the weekend with it looking like this

I realize it doesn't appear I've been doing much at school... but I also photocopied stuff for my first Science unit... I brought it home to go over before I make student copies... I think I'm going to be extra organized and make student copies and a teacher copy that is more in depth.  

I also have my French stuff at home to go over and put the first unit together... slowly but surely I'll get there!

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