Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bulletin Board Backings

It's B³!

This week I finally made it to a fabric store to see what they would have to fit my turquoise, black, grey, white theme... and boy did they have a lot! 

Now, I know what my faithful followers/readers are saying "but wait, did you not already buy some table clothes for the backs of your bulletin boards?"  and you're right... I did.  But none of them involved turquoise!

You can find the post about my other purchases for the classroom here

But back to B³

There were so MANY choices!..

Confession:  I LOVE peacock feathers and was so sad that I didn't need another black and white background for my bulletin boards when I discovered this one

What made it extra hard was that I couldn't really remember what the boarders I ordered looked like.  I know I got some chevron (don't recall which colours) and a more "busy" black and white one.

Then I discovered the prices sneakily written inside the fabric... most were $14/meter which is too much for this Mennonite (the peacock feather one was a steal at $8/meter though).

This made my decision easier...

I went with a solid colour.  Not knowing exactly what my borders looked like and knowing that my other 2 bulletin boards would be busier I thought this would be best.. plus solid colours were under $3/meter.

So my bulletin boards will be these...

To be honest I'm a little sad the gray one has yellow in it... why oh why couldn't it be turquoise instead?? I was also a little worried about how busy the black and white one may be... but I think I've come up with a way to tone it down and make it look really great.  I have big plans for the black and white one!

Someone asked me why I choose to go this route for the backings.. we do have construction paper on rolls which would be just as easy to put up BUT construction papers fades and you have to change it every year (I imagine) this will hopefully last a while... unfortunately I'm only guaranteed my job until April... hopefully I at least stay put until June *fingers crossed*

What are you planning to do with your bulletin boards?

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