Friday, September 05, 2014

Five for Friday

This week I officially went back to work.
My students all had their first full day of 5/6 on Wednesday (but I met a lot of them on Tuesday evening when we had meet the teacher)

And my "Five for Friday" is for the week... not just Friday

Everyone is posting pictures of their darling kids first day at school.  Well, I don't have any kids so here is my first day back to school outfit!

This is what my classroom looked like after meet the teacher.  Students bring their supplies on this day and leave them at school.  We didn't do lockers because not everyone was there (or there at the same time) so that's why all their bags and supplies are on their tables.

After meet the teacher I went grocery shopping.  When I came back out to my car I thought someone had lost a mini cucumber that landed upright on my tire.  I was about to kick it away when I noticed it was a MASSIVE caterpillar.  Seriously... I've never seen them this big before!

After everyone got their lockers (and most learned how to use a combination lock) we made these for our lockers (we cut them out in circles because a full page wouldn't fit on a locker).  I also laminated them so that they will last a long, long time AND I think they look really sharp on all our lockers!

I'm queen of the slow cooker and it has officially returned to its permanent location on my counter for while I work.  So why did I decide to post a picture of half of my freezer instead?  I'm also queen of making and freezing leftovers so that I don't go hungry.. My stash of frozen lunches is already massive!  On the left I've got 9 prepackaged containers (5 are the lemon chicken I made last night), and on the right are pizza buns and meat buns (I've also got homemade pizza in the deep freeze).  The popsicles are for when I get home and need something to hold me over until I make dinner.  Stay tuned for a post all about meals for the busy teacher (or person in general).

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  1. That caterpillar is totally disgusting! My freezer looks a lot like yours! Have a great school year!

    Sally from Elementary Matters


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