Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Week At School

I'm sneaking in this post a little late this week... my excuse?
I wasn't feeling so great yesterday afternoon/evening which meant I pretty well did nothing all day so today I was forced to play catch up.

This week at school wasn't very eventful

We are doing a Science unit on Simple Machines so my students are playing a Simple Machines "game" on EdHeads.  For the first part they are looking in different rooms and finding all the simple machines they can (and listing them off for each room) and the 2nd part is answering some questions - which everyone is forgetting to do (but don't worry - I expected them to forget which is why we have the laptops for 3 periods instead of just 2).  Most were nearing the end of simple machines at the end of the first 3 periods... I'm debating on whether they should do the compound machines or not... they are pretty into the game so I'll probably let them do it (after all, I'm pretty sure I did photocopy those pages).  ANYWAYS, EdHeads in general is a great site and not only is there this game for simple machines but a bunch of lesson plans as well!

In Math we were learning about elapsed time so that I could send them all home with a math poster for homework.  It's due on Wednesday and on Friday I discovered someone left theirs behind (I gave it to them on Tuesday)... that sucks because it was a long weekend for students this weekend.  Math Journals continue to go well.  I told them that this was the last time we would do the left side of the page thinking together... so this week we will have to come up with our criteria for success and see how they do on their own.

In ELA we are doing the 6 Writing Traits.  So we are working on ideas... I have a double period of ELA scheduled at the end of the day but the end of the day is so hectic that I seem to lose a lot of classroom due to cleaning everything up at the end of the day.  Anyways, we also went through the entire TUSC book and everyone officially has a job.  Our first TUSC meeting isn't for a while though. This week I'll give them time to plan for their TUSC jobs and write stuff up so that isn't too overwhelming.  Also, I still need to make a TUSC job chart... I want it to be simple with clothespins (mostly because I already bought them).  I was thinking of something that would use paint chips in our class colours (which I got a while ago as well) but I meant to get more today while I was out and I completely forgot!

We started Social Studies... thankfully no one seems to remember the pages I gave them from last year but I paired up my 6th graders with my 5ths to help them.  They are just getting to know their textbooks right now.

In other news, today I spent the better part of my day in search for the most important part of my halloween costume and I can't find what I'm looking for anywhere (so far, I've mostly been checking 2nd hand stores... but I also went through the ENTIRE mall today).  I'm not going to disclose what I'm going as halloween this year but over the next few weeks I'll post a clue.

I've come up with a genius way of making my lunches super healthy and super easy in the mornings!... Okay, I didn't come up with it but I discovered it on this world wide web of ours.

Mason jar salads!
This week is buffalo chicken and a carrot and ham concoction.  
I plan to do a whole post on meals in the very near future (but give me a month, okay).

Anywho, the counters are cleaned, and my lunch is made... I guess there is nothing left to do but read before I go to bed (after all it is one of my goals) 
tonights reading: my science unit so I can write down all the picture books and random tools I need to collect.

Hope we all had a swell week at school!

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