Thursday, September 04, 2014

Problems Teachers Get

A friend posted a link to an article titled "33 Problems That All Teachers Will Understand"

I must admit.. most of those problems I get but there are a few that I don't...

Starting with #1.  Perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones but I don't need a cup of coffee in the morning... and [I think] I'm a morning person!  Lucky me!

#9... if any of my students have found me on Facebook I don't know about it.  I think I'm fairly hard to find and my profile is pretty much locked down so it isn't like they would see anything too exciting.  PLUS, a lot of my students don't even have tv's in the room... I'm sure a lot only go on the internet at school too.

#19 I've never seen my students outside of school... it's the joys of working outside of the city I live in!  However, once another student in the school (not in any of my classes) spotted me at a neighbouring towns free BBQ (yes, I would go for a free BBQ).

#24  In my days of a substitute teacher students had cell phones and I'm sure they would text in class.  Now that I'm a teacher however I've never once caught one of my students with their cell phone out (if they even have one).  So nice to see that technology doesn't completely run their lives!

But my favourite by far is...

#27 We have our meetings at lunch!  Huzzah!

#8... Once I had a friend suggest that in order for my grade 8 class to see I mean business I should wait for one of the really good students to do something wrong and send them to the office to show everyone I mean business... I didn't see the logic in that and didn't want to deal with an angry parent so I did not choose to go that route.

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