Tuesday, September 09, 2014


A new school year is nearly here and so I've taken the liberty of thinking up some goals for school and beyond 


Do at least one fun math lesson a week (or at least start and end a math unit this way) 

Stay on top of my day planner and use it more often! 

Also stay on top of marking and handing things back. 

Stop dreading Social Studies 


Read the Bible nearly every morning (on the mornings I miss I'll have to do it as soon as I get home from work). If this means getting up slightly earlier so be it. 

Workout. Jillian Michaels, join a class, go for long walks after work and on weekends. 

Read again. I thought I would rediscover my love for reading this summer... but alas I've hardly read anything. New rule: read a chapter or 2 before bed... no movies, no tv shows... just me and a good book. 

All inclusive vacation (if it doesn't happen this year that's okay but I would like to put it on my 3 year plan)! 


(can I have goals for my home?) 

Paint the hallway... honestly, I meant to do that this summer but I wasn't looking forward to going around all those doors.... 

Artwork! I put up a bunch of floating shelves (okay, me and my friend put up 2 but we needed someone better at measuring for the other 4) and they are looking pretty bare... I must find stuff to fill them! 

I want to make an ornament wreath for Christmas. 

Maybe I should change my spare room into an office? Currently there is a bed in there but maybe I could do some rearranging... or just get rid of the bed... I'll have to do some thinking. 


I've recently discovered the wonderful world of linky parties and I must admit they seem like a good thing (please say that like Martha Stewart when you read it). I'll try to do one a month 

3 Blog posts a week? This might be tough but I'm going to try. At least I know one can always be my "This Week At School" post. 

Increase blog traffic. I mean, I know I'm not offering free things or coming up with too many unique ideas... but I would like to think that every so often I have a story, thought, or something to say that is kind of profound and important... and you should all read it! 

Find more awesome teacher blogs to follow (and link to them in my sidebar by my substitute teaching blog list... because maybe just maybe my substitute teaching days are behind me?) 

Do you have any goals for yourself this school year? 
Psst... you don't have to be a teacher to have school year goals. 

You could be a student 
You could be the parent of a student 
You could be an educational assistant 
Or you could just like thinking of your year starting in September like I do!

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