Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Week At School

I feel like the week flew by (although, I must admit there was one day where it was about 4th period (there are 5 in the morning) and I thought to myself "surely it must be the afternoon already... I've had lunch... no?"... I'm sure we've all had those days.

-  In math most of my students came back with their math posters.  We also made some math pendants (something I originally thought we would do the first day of school but then decided I would do a bunch of pre teaching first)

With all the math stuff being handed in we are running out of space to display it all!
You can purchase the math posters here
I had all but one of my students try the regular posters for this first month (I sent them home for homework - they had a week to get them back and parents/older siblings were allowed to help).  For the one students that didn't get the regular poster I pretty much gave her a poster with the same ideas... I just made it a little less wordy, added in examples (or pictures), and underlined important information in the word problems.

-  In art we are doing some Picasso inspired self portraits I got the idea from Artolazzi  and in a couple of weeks once we are finished ours I'll write up a post with my instructions to it (and another picture... this time of our finished pieces)
But here they are drying by the windowsill at the end of the day

-  In ELA we are working on our writing (hopefully this week - maybe next) we will start our spelling program).  My idea for writing is that one week I will give them a few ideas to start writing about and the next week they will take whatever one they really enjoyed and go through the editing process and finish it.  So, right now they all have 3 pieces of work in their rough draft sections of their writing folders.
(watch for a post on Tuesday about what those 3 pieces of work are)

One of my students put her speech up in the MOLA - it is her rough copy but I'm letting it slide just so we can have something in there.  In other news regarding the MOLA - the frames are starting to fall down (well one has and another is now crooked).

- In Science we finished learning a little bit about each simple machine on EdHeads and I sent them all home with homework to find simple machines in their house.  This week we will start looking at levers (by the end of this mini unit on levers they will all be making catapults)

- In SS we are still familiarizing ourselves with the textbook.  One more day of this and we can actually start learning about some First People's!

-  I've also had a number of meetings (and I think I've got at least 3 this coming week), have been having cross country practices (our first meet is Friday), and we did our Terry Fox run on Friday 
To support cancer research the staff at my school all purchased a Terry Fox t-shirt that we wore on Friday.  For my American friends who don't know who Terry Fox is stand by and watch for a post on Thursday about him.
It's been a busy week!

a student in the hall said I was so beautiful the day I wore this
Ego boosted!

Who says you can't wear white after labour day?

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