Tuesday, April 08, 2014

French Stories

We spent a lot of time in February reading stories in French class.  I thought it was a pretty great way to introduce sentence order and I picked some REALLY easy and basic readers for the students.

At the end of the month they were required to create their own story (somehow creating their own story took us until the end of March though).  Together, as a class, we came up with what they had to include in their books based on what the books we read were like.  The thing that we noticed about the books I had them read was the last page was ALWAYS a little different from all the other pages (so for example in "Nos jeux preferes" every page was about something a person would like to play with but the last page was about how they do not like to play with fire).  I told them their books could be VERY basic... but the last page had to be different (many books were about colours or family).  
They also noticed that only the first word in the title was capitalized in French so that was also something they had to do.
Other than those things they had to include an author and illustrator, colour their book, do a neat job, have it spelt mostly correctly (they have French/English dictionaries), and have the sentence order mostly okay.

Here is one of my students final book

We are working on reading them to the class and then they go up on our board.

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