Saturday, April 19, 2014

This Week at School

I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend!

My body seems to know when there is a holiday more often than not and so I've been dealing with a cold.  Hopefully I'm better by Monday!

In my tired, sick state it's hard to remember exactly what we did this week at school but here's what I do know...

-  We FINISHED number sense!  Hallelujah!  (I still have their division tests sitting in my school bag to mark.
-  We started making instruments to wrap up our unit on sound.  One of the criteria (that we even put a star beside) was that the instrument either had to be able to change its pitch or play different notes.  So I have about half the class making maracas... I guess that half of the class is choosing to forfeit those marks.
-  Flamingos are up (see below).  I think I called those flamingos peacocks at least a dozen times... I should really have them make peacocks sometime.
-  Speaking of peacocks I had someone put peacock feathers in my school mailbox.  I've since figured out who it is... now to think up something to do with them (until I think of something to do with them I'll likely add them to my peacock wreath
-  We started poetry and I am [mostly] over the horror that was my first lesson (okay, be saying it was a horror makes it seem REALLY bad... it wasn't that awful).  I'm having the kids do some higher level thinking while filling in poetry journals, answering questions about poems, and writing reflective responses.
-  We are wrapping up our unit on Family in French by making books about our families AND we will be doing a short presentation on our families as well.  I also gave them their Etre and Avoir test.  I wasn't entirely sure if we had talked it to death yet or not... and I was definitely expecting about half the class to get it and half the class to not get it... judging by their tests that was about right.
-  Nicer weather has FINALLY arrived and I'm thinking we need some spring type art project for Monday (I'm thinking something to do with tulips in Holland) stay tuned to see if I come up with (find) anything.

Stay tuned for the lesson on flamingo drawing!

My grade 8's have handed in their comic books and some of them look AMAZING!

I made it into this students comic... but is that really what I look like?

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