Friday, April 25, 2014

What I Wore

This weeks weather has been all over the map.  It's been nice, it's been rainy (we even had indoor recess a couple of times), and yes, it has even been snowy.  Luckily it isn't May yet... otherwise we could all cry over the fact that it snowed yesterday!

Sidenote:  I won a bet with one of my students because it snowed.  Apparently we bet $2 and I have zero recollection of any of this but I do remember telling this class that Friday was not going to be nice and so we would have their outdoor celebration the following week sometime.  No, I won't collect that $2 from him.

I also had an interview this week so I had to show up to school fancy (even though I was only at school for a half day because I had PD in the morning).

Check back tomorrow to hear more about this interview I went on

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