Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Week At School

-  I took one last stab at division and taught my students long division.  It was a miracle... pretty well every last one of them understood!  You have no idea how excited this made me.  Not only do most of them get it but they WANT to do it.  They are going to write their division test on Wednesday and we will FINALLY be able to move beyond number sense!
-  Honestly, it wasn't a very good first week back from break.  Let's just say do not trust technology.  Especially on a day that you are being observes.  Your USB will stop working and so will the projector.
-  For some reason it is always in computer class when we talk about speaking German.  Naturally, this leads to us (me) talking about Mennonites... and I told my students how I made paska over the break and they had no idea what it was!  So I printed off a recipe for 2 of them and they convinced me to make it for them for this week.  It's currently rising.
-  We are almost done our unit on Sound in science and let me tell you... my students are excited to make their own instruments!  A lot of them are already starting at home.  I love that they are excited about what we are learning.
-  We started our poetry unit in ELA by talking about where you can find poetry (hint: you can find it in a lot more places than just poetry books).
-  On Thursday we talked about coping strategies in Health.  I was a little worried that someone might cry (we were talking about pets and people passing away) but we all held it together and had a group hug at the end *cry* (I didn't actually cry)
-  Prank wars have begun.  Stay tuned for a post on this.  I WILL get them back.

What we believe a respectful classroom is

We finished some flamingo art (stay tuned for the lesson)

it looks like we have a pond in the middle of our play ground!  Spring is FINALLY here!

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