Tuesday, April 22, 2014


It all started a few weeks ago when one of my grade 8 classes would try to prank me.  Their attempts were mostly putting a stack of chairs in front of one of the doors to my room (I have to doors to my room though).

I guess the other class found out and so now EVERY TIME they try to get to the room before me (I see them right after lunch so if I have a lunch meeting they will always beat me there).  

What have they done?

  1. They've put 2 stacks in front of the door along with the recycling bin (they've done this twice now)
  2. They've taped down everything on my desk (this I actually thought was pretty good)
  3. They've left sticky notes on my chair so that when I sit down it would stick to me... the sticky note always advertises "free hugs" and I always see it
  4. They put tape between my desk and a table so that when I walked by it I would get it on my pants (to make sure I would walk that way they also put a chair beside my desk so that I would choose to walk around the other way rather than move the chair - another good one).
  5. They stacked tables in front of BOTH doors... I was able to push them out of the way
  6. They put tape all over my white boards.

By number 5 I had had enough and I talked with them about it.  It's okay to do it every so often but when you do it EVERY SINGLE CLASS it becomes too much.  Plus, now they are wasting school supplies and that isn't cool with me.  Hopefully they got the message.

BUT myself and the other grade 8 teachers are on a mission to get those kids back.  We just need to come up with the perfect prank... that class told me that I should make them cookies as their reward for good behaviour and I told them if I made them cookies they were going to be vinegar cookies for everything they have done... they thought it was funny... but it has to be something else.  Something much, much better.  

So, did your teacher ever play a prank on you or your class?  What was it?
Are you the queen/king of playing pranks on students/children/others?  Fill me in on some of your better ones!

I leave you with this video on a prank that some university/college students played on their professor.  

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