Thursday, April 10, 2014

In Other News..

 I don't hashtag.  
I don't have instagram
I don't have twitter (I'm not even sure if you hashtag on there either)
I do have Facebook
But I don't hashtag on Facebook

Phew... it feels great to get those confessions off my chest.

So what do I think of the above link?

#1 is adorable
#5 is unfortunately true.  Well... I don't usually have stuff all over my face but when I'm doing work I don't want to be doing I put it off my stuffing my face with chocolate.  My best combo?  Pretzels, milk chocolate chips, marshmallows, and peanut butter chocolate chips.  Try it.
#8  I make sleep close to a top priority.  I have only taken one sick day so far this school year and it can't be because I eat the best* (see above).  But I'm rarely up past 11.  I don't care if I still have marking or don't have a plan for the next day. My sleep is important and I can throw something together while at school.  If you know what you did the previous day you should know where you are planning to go.  Get your sleep.  It's important!
#11 is true in my English class.  But we are getting A LOT better.  Thankfully.
#14 I let me students watch movies but it isn't because I don't feel like teaching (okay, sometimes I just need a break) but it definitely isn't because I'm hungover.  I hope that is a joke.
#16 I also hope is a joke
#19 I used Justin Bieber's arrest as a teachable moment in ELA.  I printed off an article on it and we practiced writing a response to it.  Does that make me at least somewhat cool?
#21 You need to read about my experience with recorders.  I could never teach music!

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