Saturday, April 05, 2014

Last Week at School

Since it was spring break I decided to take a break from everything.... and by everything I just mean school and my blog (since I blog about school was it really just school I was taking a break from?).  But let me tell you what our last week of school before the break was like!

-  We pretty much finished up our division unit.  This week will be a review and then a test and then move beyond number sense!  Yay!  I'm excited.
-  It was starting to seem like the snow was never going to leave us so we started doing some summery art to brighten up our classroom at least (not that we have windows to the outside world in my classroom so we can pretend there isn't snow out there all we want).  The art involves flamingos on beaches.... I forgot to take pictures of our work in progress though.
-  We wrapped up our comic unit in ELA.  One person handed in their good copy of their comic so I hope everyone else devoted some time to it over the break.  We start poetry on Monday (I didn't completely take a break from school stuff over the break... I planned the next 2 months of ELA which makes me feel really great).
-  We started talking about family vocabulary in French and we started making family trees.
-  We also started sharing the stories we created in French class and let me tell you I'm pretty impressed (stay tuned for what we did).
-  In science we continued our investigations on sound.... they are starting to come up with ideas on what kind of instruments they would like to make at the end of the unit.
-  In health we have been talking about what a respectful classroom is (I think I've mentioned this).  We made a poster and everything... I'll try to remember to take a picture of it and share the lesson.
-  I did an impression of my grade 8's early in the week before spring break.  Telling them how they would whine to me how they didn't have enough time to finish their comic books because I didn't give them class time (even though I was... they were wasting it).  Apparently my impression was spot on and they told me I could be a grade 8 student.  My dreams are coming true!
-  My grade 8's asked me if I had stopped growing after grade 8.  I told them I wasn't sure but don't most humans continue to grow until about 20 something?  Then they told me why they were asking... "but we are just as tall as you".. apparently 5'4" is too short for my grade 8's.  I then ran out of the room crying, telling them that they were just a bunch of crazy giants who would never be able to fit in small spaces.  Okay, so I didn't say that (or run out of room) but it makes for a better story if I had!

One of the pages in a students French book.  I was confused by it... I think she was going for "I am me" but I wasn't sure so I looked it up and according to google it translates to "I have an ego"

At the beginning of our sound unit I had my students create posters.  Each poster was of a different busy place and they wrote out all the sounds a person would hear.  I suggested to this group to add a mouse. 

"We Love to Read"
I'm hoping when students are done their work they will go up and take one of the books off the wall and read it.

I take in their problem solving books at the end of each week and this is what I found on the back of one of them.

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