Saturday, August 11, 2018

This Week OFF From School

Well, it's around this time that if I hadn't already I would be starting to think about my class for this school year but with nothing coming up quite yet I'm still free to continue to laze around this summer.

What did I do exactly this week?

I made some homemade doughnuts... 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Doughnuts

this was something new for me.  I must admit they turned out pretty good for my first ever attempt at making doughnuts but I thought the filling was a bit much.  If you want to make your own doughnuts I used this recipe

I also made some Rice Krispie roll ups... 

I guess I was really into the chocolate and peanut butter this week.  I used this recipe .

I had a massage booked for Tuesday so I obviously took full advantage of that.

Then I guess I was a little too relaxed afterwards because when I went grocery shopping I promptly left the paper towel I purchased on the bottom of the cart (this isn't the first time I've done this either... last time I think it was cereal and I wasn't even sure if I had paid for it that time).

I started to develop some back pain this week so I booked and went to my first ever chiropractor visit.  Thankfully by yesterday it was feeling a lot better even though I hadn't actually had any adjustments done.

I FINALLY got around to updating my resume and coverletter because I know jobs are going to start getting posted soon so now I'll at least be ready for it!

The flooring saga continues... I brought home 4 samples (2 of vinyl - one glue down and one click and 2 of waterproof laminate) and we still aren't sure what type of flooring we want or what colour... yesterday I ended up returning these samples and picking up a few more slightly darker options.

I put them in one of the upstairs bedrooms because the wall colour is the colour that we plan on painting the living room... the white paper is against the wall on the right because we plan on changing out all the trim and baseboards to white and the 6 smaller pieces of wood leaning up against the wall are cupboard options.

We came from the long weekend with a lot of zucchini and cucumbers to pick

It's hard to tell the size of them by the picture but a couple of those zucchinis are about as long as my arm up to the elbow with a much larger circumference.

And we spent the long weekend at the lake.  It was a bit of a chilly weekend so we finally put all our "fire clothes" to good use.

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